Today Egg Rate in Hyderabad | NECC Egg Price


Today Egg Rate in Hyderabad. Please note that, Egg Price may vary marginally from one place to another across the states and districts. Also may vary from from Egg Mandi to Whole Sale, and whole sale to Retail shops in Kolkata . Egg Rate is fixed by NECC ( National Egg Corporation ) and manufacturers based on the stock, inflow, demand from the egg market. Hence there is no fixed price egg rate across the state and districts in Kolkata . Its important to Note that there could be price difference between Shopping malls / Super markets and retail shops based on the State, Geo location, availability, etc.


Note: This is not NECC official website. We collect the prices from the NECC site to present the prices in a simple and graphical manner for the convenience of the user. The suggested prices are published solely for the reference and information of the trade and industry. NECC and does not by itself or through any person enforce compliance or adherence with such suggested egg prices in any manner whatsoever.

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